I stare at a blank painting surface before me and can readily visualize the completed work.

For me, light, the consequent contrasts of shadow on forms, the employment of striking colour, and strong composition are of the utmost importance in every painting regardless of subject matter. This, complimented by the positioning of critical colour masses within it's structure are what makes it all come together.

Although most viewers do, I don't consider my paintings highly detailed but more natural to our eye, as though together we've frozen a moment in our lives.


Born in Toronto, Lanny now resides in the picturesque fishing village of Port Dover, Ontario.

His original business career directed him toward the corporate world where he achieved highly measurable success in several executive capacities with major Canadian companies. Tiring of the business environment, in 1980 he began to take his potential art career far more seriously. He commenced painting full time in 1982.

In a short period of time he has once again achieved highly measurable success. Lanny's paintings now hang in private collections throughout Canada, many parts of the United States and much of Europe, South Africa, Mexico, all of the U.K. Brazil, Jamaica, Australia and Israel.

Lanny is a self taught artist who has experimented in every medium, including sculpture and silk screen printing, but now concentrates his efforts in oils, watercolours and acrylics, and in that order of preference. He explains that "alternating within three media is both a challenge and a pleasure." Although he is highly recognized for his superb renderings of the human figure he paints any subject from life that appeals to him. His realistic style, with a touch of impressionism, tends to tell a story about the subject itself.

His reputation as a Canadian artist of considerable and varied skill continues to grow.

- Excerpt from the Toronto Star. -

A & C Insurance Brokers of Canada
Alvo Industries of Canada
Associated Management Inc.
Bell Canada
B. F. Goodrich
Canada International Motorcross Association
City Press Incorporated
Dofasco Limited
F.W. Knechtel Foods Limited
Halton Separate School Board
Honda Corporation
Lighthouse Festival Theatre
Norfolk General Hospital
Roberts Company of Canada
Royal Bank of Canada
Scotia Bank of Canada
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